Our cocktails


Just like its menu, L’Institution renews its collection of cocktails on a regular basis to follow the seasons, the trends, the change of products. You can order to our bartender original creations such as our eponymous clear milk punch L’Institution, inspired from a creation of Adrian Siraj, the Gin Hendrick’s french ambassador, made up of Gin, wild elderflower, celeri stick, vervein and pineapple. But also iconic cocktails such as the Maverick Martini (also known as Pornstar Martini) created by Ankrah Douglas, the Butterfly Spritz which is an exclusive adaptation of the famous drink for L’Institution, or the Model Martini inspired from the famous Espresso Martini. Selected and realized with care by our bartender, they are true art pieces that you’ll enjoy to look at as much as to drink them. And if you prefer a virgin version, the original mocktails of L’Institution will be perfectly up to your expectations !

or the art of creation

To create a cocktail, it’s not sufficient to mix alcohols. More than an art, mixology is a true science which our bartender perfectly masters. Clear milk punchs, cocktails which we add to a portion of whole milk before putting it in the fridge then filter to have a clear and smooth cocktail, are just exemples of our bartender technicity.

Because mixology also rythms with creativity and expertise, a perfect knowledge of ingredients and liquors is obligated. To test the mixtures, to study new techniques, to add this of that ingredient to form an unique creation, becomes an emblematic art. You must have understood, at L’Institution, the experience is not only about your meal : it begins with the first drink. It even begins with the first steps you make inside the best norman brasserie.


Unique cocktails