The reference brasserie
on the Côte Fleurie


L’Institution is THE Deauville Brasserie of excellence ! Let it be for its chic decor, a mix between Belle Epoque and actual design, or for its refined brasserie menu, you will let yourself be charmed by this Deauville distinguished address. Between a savoury seafood platter or a beautiful braised meat, you’ll take the time to enjoy the prestigious environment of this norman establishment. A good start to explore the Deauville brasserie !

The excellence of norman Chefs

L’Institution furnaces hide two talented Chefs whom value the good regional products. They don’t only cook high quality meat, fish and seafood. At L’Institution, they put up the recipes of each and every dish on the menu such as calf sweetbread, pork breast confit, seasonal Pré salé lamb, prime rib to share (or not), wild bass ceviche, country terrine with pistachios, gambas and small vegetables nems, which are only a few exemples.


Discover the brasserie

The so peculiar atmosphere of parisian brasseries which emanates from the place, the refined and plush Belle Epoque decor, makes this Deauville brasserie an unavoidable and unique stop of every staycation on the Côte Fleurie. Mirrors, skylights, mosaic, velvet, white marble… ponctuate 3 spaces to discover : the Loggia, to have a drink or sip a coffee before the gardens of the Normandy Barriere Hotel; the House, the heart of the place, its arches and plush atmosphere; the Patio and its immediate closeness from the open kitchen which displays the Chef in action, including its skylights very prized on sunny days. L’Institution’s ornaments take you back to the elegance and the refinement of the XXe century early days !

For the atmosphere, the delicious smell and crackling of the show kitchen won’t miss the opportunity to water your mouth ! Meat and fish are cooked and seared under your eyes, desserts are generously arranged on the marble countertop, and the whole thing is served to you at the table, in an atmosphere specific to the parisian brasseries… But in Normandy !