Our products of excellence

France offers a worldwide unique agricultural patrimony. Between country, sea and mountain it brings us a diversity of high end products. Our farmers, our fishermen, whom we wish to enlighten the activities, allow us to work with products of excellence.

To cook in Normandy, in Deauville, is a big opportunity.

At L’Institution, our Chefs want to display the best by enhancing high end products with embers cooking.

Savoury meats, fleshy poultries from the most beautiful french regions. Fish filets and seafood fished sustainably. Wines coming from the most prestigious vineyards. At the menu of L’Institution, the inescapable brasserie of the Côte Fleurie, only the best products are selected then worked with by our Chefs. Embers cooking enhances their quality and exercises its power to display their flavours. Speaking of our desserts, they are among the most generous ! As to end your meal with not only a note but with a scale of pastries and sugary sweetness which will make you say that you certainly have bitten off more than you can chew !


the breeds of exception

Of course, at the menu of L’Institution there is the Normande, the Limousine, the Aubrac (origin France), the Angus Aberdeen (origin Scotland) and the Hereford (origin England). But there are also two breeds of exception which are the Japanese Black (origin Japan) and the Rubia Gallega (origin Spain). The first one is only proposed depending on arrivals, due to its rarity. Calves are only virgin females. Animals are reared in pairs, cereals-based fed, in music and get massages. This is not a classic marbled meat but fat marbled of meat which melts in the mouth and promises an incredible juiciness. An incredible tasting experience !

The second one is reared near the Atlantic ocean and enjoys a fat and iodine grass thanks to sea spray. The animal develops a very important and tasty extra and intramuscular fat. Savours are marked, spicy, animal and saline.

The ham

The Maison Duler ham is a haute couture ham, unique. Coming from the oldest breed of porks of France, the Gascon black pork (or Porc noir Gascon as we say it in french) is born from the depths of the forests covering the high valleys that separate France and Spain.
It is reared in full nature and in the greatest respect of the animal welfare.

Refined in full country in the heart of a region called Quercy blanc, according to an original maturing, natural drying and ripening process, this product of excellence received the unofficial title of the best ham in the world before the spanish Bellota, during a blind test in Barcelona.


The caviars

Diva caviar, young and fresh, finely salted, lightly “buttery”. Ebène caviar, powerful and round in the mouth dedicated to connoisseurs.

Each two are displayed at the menu of L’Institution and are the fruit of a work of patience. Our caviars are produced at the entrance of the Arcachon Bay, on a 12 hectares site where fishs are reared with the bestest care in the natural conditions of an exceptional water. Solely the best eggs are kept and compliance criteria are strict to insure and propose a product of excellence.