Seafood platters

Arranged and cooked by us in a broth seasoned with onions, celery, thyme and bay leaves, our seafood platters propose Perle des Marais n°3 oysters, Tarbouriech n°2 oysters, Bélon n°3 oysters, crabs, langoustines, pink bio shrimps of Madagascar, grey shrimps, whelk, periwinkles and clams. A generous set to which can be added a half lobster.


The oysters

L’Institution’s menu selects the special oysters Tarbouriech n°3 (Mediterranean sea), Perle des Marais n°3 (Manche) as well as flat or hollow Bélon n°3 (Britain). The first one is a high end oyster raised between land and lagoon in the Thau’s pond. Aged for at least 3 years, it’s selected with very much care and offers a surprising texture, fleshy, with a refined and balanced taste, between sweetness and iodine. The second one is a fleshy oyster recognizable by its soft flesh, rather crunchy and offers a round taste. The last one, promises a lot of finesse on the palate as well as a hazelnut taste given by the mix of freshwater and iodine water during its breeding.

The blue lobster

To savour with a simple homemade mayonnaise, the blue lobster served on the tables of L’Institution is the most valued seafood. Also named Breton lobster, freshly landed from our west coasts, the blue lobster is fleshy and firm in the mouth. Its very reputed flesh makes it the finest seafood.